About Me  


   It was love  at first sight. At four years old I saw Felix the Cat on TV and my love affair with cats began.  When asked what my name was, I would answer, " Felix say hi! "  A definite sign of a "Crazy Cat Lady " in the making...

After years of experience with my own cats and fostering kittens for adoptionI am now living my passion for the feline... running San Diego Cat bnb! 

Cat whispering talents include experience with administering pills and shots, cutting nails, bathing, grooming and thinking like a cat. You know you are on the right path when people offer to pay for something you would be doing for free! ;)  

 Myself and my trusted team of professionals assure a safe, funfilled retreat for your cats. I have 4 personal friends that are Vet Techs who are on-call in case of any unlikely problems. San Diego Cat bnb cat boarding has been called " Disneyland for Cats!"

Vet Techs on-call



30 + Years Experience

"As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat."