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  1. Val Amirault-Vale Vet Tech, San Diego
    ✭✭✭✭✭ Kathleen is one of the FEW people I trust with my bottle babies! She has raised several litters of fosters to healthy amazing kittens that got adopted to their "forever homes." I am her #1 Vet Tech on call 24/7 if she ever needs me with her Cat bnb. The LIVE Kitty Camera is so COOL! I highly recommend San Diego Cat bnb!
  2. Tom & Claudia "Diego & Shiloh"
    ✭✭✭✭✭ My husband and I were delighted to recently discover Miss Kathleen’s “San Diego Cat B & B” in South Park. We always hated having to leave our two cats in the dreaded lockdown at a boarding kennel whenever we had to travel. It was a wonderful experience for both us and the cats! Kathleen was so welcoming and Kept our babies safe and entertained while we were gone. She played with them and brushed them. You can sense how much she loves cats. Her B & B is appointed with every amenity any cat could want from perches, soft pillows, cat condos and even a pot of live catnip. She has a kitty cam that you can view on your phone by setting up a simple app. We received daily text messages and photos. As she says on one of her business postcards the ”Cats Air B & B” is pawsome!
  3. Jackie & Elvis Ocean Beach, San Diego
    ✭✭✭✭✭ San Diego Cat Air Bnb is the only place I will take my two babies!! Kathleen fostered both"Suit" and "Garfield" since they were wee little and my husband and I ended up adopting them one weekend as soon as we saw them :) We’ve always stayed in touch since adopting them and she’s been nothing but helpful and friendly! Any time we go on vacation or even away for just a weekend, Kathleen is always available to watch the fur babies (and spoil them immensely while they are there!) She clipped their nails for us while we were gone and she had even gone out and bought more food for them since we didn’t anticipate they would eat so much! There is pretty much a giant “resort” room for the cats in her home that they both absolutely love, we get sent plenty of pictures of the two of them enjoying themselves there! I am greatful to have met Kathleen and thankful she is willing to watch the babies anytime :) Highly recommend!!!
  4. Paul South Park, San Diego
    ✭✭✭✭✭ This is the best environment for boarding your cat family! Its like a cat playground along with plenty of nooks and hiding spots for the shy ones. Kathleen gives them lots of love throughout the day. Thanks for providing such an awesome cat sanctuary!
  5. Tiffany San Diego, CA.
    ✭✭✭✭✭ What a gem and so excited to have the San Diego Cat bnb in South Park! Kathleen and Kirk have been a wonderful hosts to our little cat, Friday. We are selling our house and have been taking her here whenever our agent holds open houses. Has worked purrfectly! Private, quiet room for the kitty loaded with cat trees, cubbies, hiding spots, toys, a secure screen door to enjoy the breeze, and lots of TLC. We received frequent communication including adorable pics and videos of her enjoying the stay and she’s so happy when we pick her up. Highly recommend it for your kitty fur babies!
  6. Bethany & Grant Del Mar, San Diego
    ✭✭✭✭✭ We had thee most amazing trip due to the fact that we we're not only fur-baby stress free but that our baby kitty was being treated like she was in a 5 star pampering resort! Ms Kathleen is hands down the best find I've ever found! She was so sweet and loving with our kitty and sent us multiple pictures/videos with our baby in them having SO much in her kitty BnB palace she has created in her home. We had a 24/7 kitty camera that we could see our baby sleeping and playing! I cannot recommend her enough! Your cat will be treated like royality and have the upmost care and love during your time away! Stress free is the key, especially when it comes to cat! Duchess (my kitty) was so playful and happy while away and after we picked her up she was even more loving then before!!! Ms Kathleen also helped break my Kitty's bad attitude and turned her into a sweet Lil cuddly kitty! She is a mircale worker and your best choice for any and all feline boarding and care! She even gave our Duchess a care package to take home of her favorite play toy and some freshly grown organic cat nip in a cute little kitty purse it could not have gotten any better or cuttier than that! We will definitely be using her again and again!
  7. "Yamato & Charlotte" John S.
    DescriptionWhat an Amazing Resource and People! Was tenting and needed a place for the cats to stay for a few days. This place is Cat Paradise. They adjusted quickly, were well cared for and the updates from Kathleen are worth the price of admission. Highly recommended and not much more expensive that having your cat stuck in a cage in a vet looking upon the horrors that take place there.
  8. Suit & Garfield
    This place is PAWSOME!! Kathleen had fostered Suit and Garfield when they were wee little and my husband and I ended up adopting them! Ever since, we stay in touch at least once a week almost and she is always there for us when the kitties need somewhere to stay for a period of time. She has put up a kitty cam since last time she watched them for us and it's convenient being able to tune into it at any time to see what they're up to! The boys are so spoiled when going on "vacation" at SanDiego Cat bnb! The goodie bag given to us at the end of their stay included can food, a cat coin purse, and a postcard :) so much freedom for the kitties here, I wouldn't trust anyone else with our fur babies!!
  9. Richard Bradley & Lola
    Our two cats needed a home while our hardwood floors were refinished. Let's just say that the cats were probably sad to come home. The proprietor, Kathleen, is a gifted cat whisperer. Our timid, hiding from everyone kitty was sucking up the love from her with video evidence of human cat contact supplied every day. This is a cat who spends most of the time hiding in the wall cavity in the basement, sneaking out for food at night. The room (!) the cats had provided a ton of neat places to play and hide with toys and beds and cat trees galore. We're heading for tenting later this month and I hope I can book another slot with the Cat bnb.

"Time spent with cats is never wasted."